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  1. What are the deductibles?
    50 dollars off.
  2. What is windshield repair?
    A windshield repair is the process of repairing a small break or crack in a car windshield by removing the air/debris from the impact point and injecting a clear resin to fill the void to keep the break from spreading further.
  3. Will the rock chip or crack disappear after the repair is completed?
    No. The damaged area will clear up about 60-80 percent; however the impact point will always be somewhat visible. A windshield chip repair is not a cosmetic fix but will restore the structural integrity of the car windshield and prevent further cracking. 
  4. Will the glass repair keep my windshield from breaking further?
    Yes. The purpose of a windshield chip repair is to maintain the structural integrity and to prevent further cracking.
  5. Can I wash my car after the windshield chip repair is completed?
    Yes. The windshield repair resin takes only a few minutes to fully cure and your vehicle can be driven and washed right away.
  6. How much does it cost for a windshield chip repair?
    Windshield repairs cost $44.99 for the first one and $10.00 for each additional repair on the same automobile.
  7. How do I know if my car windshield can be repaired?
    In most cases, if the automobile windshield damage is smaller than the size of a business card then it can be repaired.


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